thousand year tradition

The processing

The winery

Our method

In the winery we work without any special secrets or miraculous techniques. The authenticity of our wines is the main feature we aim for, knowing that to produce excellent wines you need to arrive at the winery with excellent grapes.

Our work tends to try to produce wines capable of telling the story of the territory from which they come. To do this we use organic grapes from indigenous vines and do spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts.
The resulting wine is not chairified or filtered, and the sediment that can be found in the bottle protects it, preserving its organoleptic properties.
The wines are aged in terracotta amphorae on their own fine lees, with moderate use of sulfur dioxide.

The winery

Why amphorae?

Because they are containers that boast a history dating back thousands of years, used since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans for the production of wines. Specifically, we use amphorae of modern design that are easy to clean, non-oxidizing, and respectful of the aromatic profile of the different grape varieties (they yield neither aromatic substances nor heavy metals).

Because they are composed of a clay-ceramic mixture, they can be fired at higher temperatures than simple clay. The result is a very fine grain with low porosity that brings to the wine an amount of oxygen comparable to that brought by wood of the same size.