The company

History of a love for a unique and rich territory .

Our story


Return to the
mother earth.

My name is Pasquale Polifroni and since 2000 I have been working with passion and dedication on my creature, my company. A life choice that today represents an inexhaustible source of great satisfaction and also of sacrifice.

An experience that matured upon my return to Calabria. A land that prompted me to leave my previous profession in northern Italy, drawing me back to it, ready to offer me a new life as well as a new human and professional experience.

Aspromonte began as a small business specializing in growing raspberries and blueberries, which we still produce today.
However, the land is also suitable for viticulture, as evidenced by the numerous Roman and Byzantine palmenti scattered throughout our host area and this, together with my lifelong passion for the world of wine, prompted me to plant the first vineyards and later to set up the winery.
A challenge but also a great desire I had for a long time.