The vineyard


Our philosophy


The soul
of our wines.

We are an organic farm and we never forget that our role is to guard the land for the next generation. We work the vineyards with the knowledge that we have leased them from our children, trying to leave the land better than we found it.

The enhancement of autochthonous grape varieties such as Greco Nero, Mantonico and Magliocco is among the main goals of our project.
Another important role in this project is played by the land with a climateparticularly suitable for organic production.

In fact, the constantly blowing winds make it possible to keep the vineyard well ventilated at all times so that aeration preserves the clusters and the plant from fungal pathogens.
In addition, the vineyards are surrounded by meadows and forests in a highly naturalistic setting close to the Aspromonte National Park, rich in plants, animals and microorganisms that coexist and interact with each other in perfect balance.
Chemical weeding is banned, as is the use of any synthetic product. Very few annual copper and sulfur treatments succeed in preventing any attacks of powdery mildew and perenospera, which are the main vine pathogens. We do not use chemical fertilizers, but to ensure the natural fertility of the soil, green manure, a traditional agronomic practice that brings nutrition to plants through an increase in organic matter in the soil, is done.